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Welcome back to your Neighborhood.

Welcome back to your Neighborhood.

keeping Local news and advertising alive,
thanks to and Neighbors Newsflash,

There is not enough traffic to local vendors and news sites,.due to journalists hierarchy of news reporting. The pyramid of news predictably ends at the head of government.

We, turn the pyramid of news upside down, so that the primary postings are to local news and the town hall meeting. We cover all the neighborhood news that others do not want too.

Neighbor Newsflash supports local vendors with targeted neighborhood and local advertising. Locally-targeted ads deliver stronger return on investment, helping to keep neighborhood programs and events alive, We all do not want to watch TV, all the time.


First Edition of Neighbors Newsflash

See what your neighbors are saying.

fLASH fo CASH were “the neighbors are the news!” 

Links below to current editions pages

Page One

  • 7 Good Reasons To Drink Coffee
  • History of the Sandwich
  • Avoid Cross Contamination
  • Benefits of a Community Social Profile

Page Two

  • “Whoopie!” – get yours lately!!
  • Water FAQS
  • Nails as a Health Indicator
  • Online Store Coupons vs. Newspaper Flyers

Grumpy, Lumpy, Men Syndrome

Grumpy, Lumpy, Men Syndrome

Remember what it was like to be a teenager?

That lean, muscular physique never seemed to gain an ounce of fat no
matter how much you ate (or drank). Do you now find yourself patting
your belly more then you pat your dog? If so, you could well be
experiencing a loss of your male hormone–testosterone.Testosterone is
one of a group of hormones referred to as the androgens. In men it is
responsible for the development of the sex organs and male
characteristics such as facial hair, deepening of the voice, and muscle